Just a few of our prior cases:

Personal Injury
  • A mother was injured in two unrelated car crashes, several months apart, suffering back, neck, and shoulder injuries resulting in debilitating, ongoing medical issues. Despite the complicated nature of the overlapping cases, we secured settlements of over $100,000 for our client.
  • Our client was hit by a car at a stop sign while she was riding her bike, suffering a hip injury. After extensive research and negotiation, we secured a $100,000 insurance settlement for her.
  • Another client was a passenger in a car driven by a drunk driver and suffered a spine fracture when the driver missed a curve in the road and crashed into a tree. We negotiated a more than¬†$107,000 settlement¬†for our client.
  • A client came to us after she broke her wrist after tripping and falling in a local restaurant. We negotiated a settlement that paid her medical bills and compensated her for the pain, suffering, and loss of work she endured.
  • A young student riding his bike in the afternoon was struck from behind by a drunk driver, throwing him from his bike and breaking his leg. We negotiated a $75,000 settlement for him.
  • A man sitting in his car at a stop light was rear-ended by a county-owned vehicle, causing back injuries that required him to take early retirement. Our hard work and extensive research resulted in a $245, 500 settlement for our client.
Medical Malpractice
  • Our client suffered a severe injury while hospitalized for what he thought was a simple respiratory problem. He came to us after another attorney abandoned his case. After evaluation by medical experts and just before trial, we negotiated a $250,000 settlement from the US government for our client, a disabled veteran.
Divorce and family law
  • Our client’s husband contended that their family business was worth nothing. Our accounting and business-valuation experts disagreed, and we negotiated a $900,000 division of assets for the wife in the marriage just prior to trial.
  • A father concerned about his child’s physical and mental well-being asked for our help in gaining primary residential custody of his child, after years of being in the primary custody of the child’s mother. We prevailed in this extremely contentious case and the child is happily integrated into the father’s warm and loving family.
  • Our client had a child with an extremely contentious mother who thrived on conflict, which was emotionally damaging to the child. The mother continually initiated frivolous court actions for the sole reason of causing our client trouble with the child, his family, and his employment. We negotiated a settlement just prior to trial, securing primary custody of the child for our client. The child is now happily integrated into her father’s family and is thriving in school.
  • After a divorce, a mother moved the children out of state with no notice to the father, our client. With our help, the father prevailed in court, gaining primary residential care of the children, with the mother ordered to pay him child support.
Civil Litigation
  • A local company had a breach of contract matter in excess of $100,000. The matter eventually ended up in federal court, in US District Court, Eastern District of New York, where we prevailed and the defendant was ordered to pay our client the balance of the contract.
  • We represented one of sixty named defendants in a large mortgage-fraud case in Florida. We got the case dismissed against our client, and prevailed at the court of appeals.
  • A young, uninsured client was hit by another car. The offending driver’s insurance company threatened to have our client’s driver’s license taken away unless she paid for the damage to their client’s car, even though their client was at fault. We didn’t allow the insurance company to bully our client, and she kept her license and was awarded damages from the other driver’s insurance company.
  • A business client was sued by the State Attorney General. After we presented evidence on her behalf, the Attorney General dismissed the case against her.
  • In a complicated contract dispute over the sale of a business property that involved multiple parties, we secured for our client a settlement that included three rental properties of one of the opposing parties.

The listed cases are representative examples. Each individual case comprises a variety of factors. Because each case is unique, past results do not guarantee similar outcomes.