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Richard Patrick was able to get me an award for my injuries that far exceeded what other attorneys said my case was worth. If I ever need an attorney again, for anything, I will contact Mr. Patrick first.


My daughter’s mother continues to interpret the law on her own, without her own attorney, making Mr. Patrick’s job even more drawn out and difficult. However, he continues to both encourage my patience as well as educate me on building a case.


Mr. Patrick was wonderful to work with. He charged a flat fee which enabled us to not worry about the final bill. However this did not mean that Mr. Patrick was in a hurry to finish our estate planning documents. Mr. Patrick spent as much time as it took for us to be comfortable and confident about our estate planning documents.


Mr. Patrick has been extremely professional and handled our legal business needs in every aspect. He was able to get our suit dismissed at a very reasonable cost and in addition was able to get a summary judgement for all legal fees.


Richard Patrick served as our entertainment lawyer during the production of a short film I produced. Richard was as effective as he was fun, and always kept us informed of proceedings.


Mr. Patrick is not your average lawyer. After a successful career in the maritime industry, he went to law school and qualified as a lawyer. So he’s not some noob in the real world, which I believe makes him a valuable advocate for those of us in the real-world scenario.


Richard is one of the most knowledgeable men I have come to know, and he not only understands the law, but he understands you as a person. His honesty, respect, and intellect cannot be measured. Richard was able to put my mind at ease, and I could rest at night knowing that I had this man making all the right decisions that were in my best interest. We settled my case with far better results than I could have ever expected.


I was very impressed by Mr. Patrick’s preparation, clear understanding of the issues in the case, and the patience with which he handled my client’s emotions.


Richard treated me with the utmost dignity and respect. He knows what he is doing and, most importantly, he is a great advocate for his clients. It is obvious to me that his goal is to help his clients succeed and get to a better place in life.