Richard P. Patrick

Attorney at Law
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Our firm in Gig Harbor, Washington, is devoted to friendly, personal attention tailored to the specific needs of each client.

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Personal Injury

If you’ve suffered harm due to an accident or injury that might be the fault of another, we can help, but you must act quickly.

Family Law

We’ll guide you through this emotional, stressful, and complex time to protect your family and assets.


As a neutral mediator, Richard guides the parties toward focusing on the matters important to the dispute. Richard’s years of both business and legal experience result in the majority of the cases he mediates settling out of court, avoiding a costly trial.

Business and Corporate

Advice and guidance for new and existing businesses, including business formation and contract disputes.


Richard Patrick’s many years of owning and operating fishing vessels bring a valuable perspective to this unique area of law.

Civil litigation

If you find yourself involved in a dispute that has elevated to a legal matter, you need a skilled attorney to help you negotiate, mediate, or, if necessary, litigate a successful resolution. Richard uses his skills as an attorney, his business experience, and his role as a settlement conference judge to help you secure the best possible outcome.

Estate Planning

Protect yourself and provide for your loved ones with careful planning, asset protection, and estate administration.

Criminal Defense

If you’ve been charged with a crime, make sure your rights are protected.

Richard P. Patrick

Richard Patrick is a graduate of both Seattle University Albers School of Business and Seattle University School of Law.  He has decades of business and life experiences. Together, with his formal education, he provides superior and sage counseling.

Litigation, negotiations, and legal maneuvering can be financially – and emotionally – costly. Richard strives to offer the highest quality of legal representation at a reasonable cost, always mindful of the emotional toll legal processes can have on people.

Richard is tough and his clients appreciate his careful and thoughtful legal strategy. He is dedicated to his clients, and he leads the way with a calm, yet firm, plan. He doesn’t waste your time and money on theater and antics that may appear to have significant value in the beginning of your legal matter, but later are seen for what they are: Theatrics that cost you money and take an emotional toll for little or no return.

Before you waste your money, time, and emotions by hiring a “bull dog,” consider Richard Patrick. He will provide you with strong and committed direction. He will initially meet with you, at no cost, for as long as it takes, to thoroughly discuss, understand, and explain your options.